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When the full power of the sun starts beating down on your home or business, few decisions will protect your structure from the blistering heat quite like shutters. In addition to saving you money on the energy bill, shutters can also reduce noise, provide security and give your home added protection in the event of a hurricane. For all these reasons and more, you need the services of

Direct Shutters & Awnings.

Direct Shutters & Awnings

is a local company located in Houston, Texas, that has been around since 1992. Our commitment to the customer, combined with our ever-vigilant desire to put our best foot forward with stellar service, is why our customers have come back to us again and again for all of their shutter and awning needs.

Get the benefit of our vast variety of shutter and awning choices! We can provide you with products of varying colors, sizes, and brands. Call us today to learn more and take the next step towards securing the shutters and awnings that you want for your home or business.

Get the Security You Need!
Breaking a window is easy. Busting through reinforced shutters takes time and creates noise. This makes shutters a useful deterrent to intruders who are looking for an easy way to gain entrance to your home or business. Securely closed shutters also provide privacy. Once locked in place, there is no worry about anyone on the outside seeing into the comfort and privacy of our home.

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